About Us

Why the name?

Why choose me? 


Hi!  I'm Ash and I'm the photographer behind The Enlight Project.  I am a trained nurse and a photographer too!  I'm lucky enough to be able to do both.  I live in Ashford, Kent with my husband Andy and my baby, Sam.  I LOVE taking photos!  My poor husband has been asked to stop on the side of the road many times to get a particular shot, or help me carry my camera gear around whilst doing photoshoots but he is always amazingly supportive and has helped me so much in my photography journey.  I am relaxed and love having a good laugh.  When I'm not nursing, taking photos or hanging out with my family I'm usually playing the piano or reading Frankie magazine (a favourite Aussie magazine of mine!).   

Why the Enlight Project?

 It might seem a strange name for a photography business so I'll tell you why I chose it.  Originally it started with my brother in Sydney.  We wanted to design and make products and art to help bring light into our world and help people lead the lives they wanted to.  At that time I was just starting out with photography and after moving to the UK, my brother and I stopped doing our Enlight business.  Now that I'm getting back into photography I realised that I still love the name Enlight!  I want to capture people at their most vulnerable moments to help communicate their own uniqueness, beauty and character. 

Why choose me?

It might seem like any photographer will do, but it's really important that you love the kind of photographs on my website.  All photographers have their own style, as do you!  I love to capture moments when people are relaxed and themselves.  I love a photoshoot where we can adventure and have fun.  I will do some posed shots and give you direction if needed but mostly I will let you be yourselves.  

If that sounds like what you're looking for then please choose me! 

Why I love photography

Photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event.

- Henri Cartier-Bresson

I love this quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson, a French photographer who lived through World War 2. He captured amazing moments that told a story of what was happening at the time.  

 What I want to do is not far away from this.  I want to show people that they are beautiful, amazing and inspiring to the world around them. I love to shoot candid photographs to capture the interaction between people in their reality. It's about seeing your character not just your face.